infrequently asked questions

what does it mean to be hypeadjacent?

  • to think about hype

  • to question hype

  • to challenge hype

  • to deliberately choose the hype you love and the hype you don’t

    asking questions, offering ideas, and encouraging conversations
    on fashion that go beyond trends to make active choices in the pursuit of truly personal style

ok, but what is hypeadjacent?

hypeadjacent is a weekly, occasionally bi/triweekly, note about something related to fashion delivered straight to your inbox… something of a pixelated-idea exchange center-hangout spot to explore fashion and culture in the digital age.

why should I subscribe?

there’s something for everyone here! Essays, interviews, observations, fashion criticism aka spicy complaining, and some recommendations (that are usually misaligned with the influencer™ agenda).

hypeadjacent was founded by me, roberta samuel, in 2019. I write about fashion and culture with a keen interest in loving the best of what fashion has to offer and voicing my frustrations with the worst of it. You can subscribe below and find bonus materials on Instagram, @hypeadjacent.

And I reserved this username on Twitter in case I ever find the courage and pith to start tweeting.

I look forward to popping up in your inbox, feel free to pop up in mine at! Replies sincerely welcome!